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Key accounts at independent agencies are constantly under pressure from large national or PE-backed brokers. Our mission is to support independent agencies deploy Fortune 500 Risk Management tools and techniques at their key clients by creating a value add shield. Giving you access to on-demand Risk Management expertise without the full-time cost.

Risk Management

We align risk management strategy with business goals. Expertise includes: supply chain mapping, business continuity planning, contractual risk management, insurance program analysis along with facility and safety management.

Recall Expertise

We work with businesses to provide crisis management plans, training, and support for those responsible for managing contamination incidents. Expertise includes: pre-incident risk analysis & crisis response training, on-site crisis response, product testing, recall and logistics guidance

Risk Financing

We will create a comprehensive analysis of your client's loss exposures and risk-bearing capacity, evaluate various forms of insurance and self-insurance, including captives. Help your clients determine and define an acceptable level of risk tolerance.

Market Access

Economic losses from recalls often surpass those of bodily injury claims, making the need for comprehensive coverage is paramount. We have extensive knowledge and access to the few insurance markets and underwriters providing this coverage.

Zach Finn, MSM, ARM, AINS

We help your clients identify & manage unique risks encountered across their operations.


We specialize in recall insurance, crisis management, pre incident planning, program design and alternative risk financing.

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